Hey everyone, in this post I’ll be sharing information on how I made the capoeira shot.This is the final image:

The first reactions I get when showing this image are:”Photoshop!”, “It’s photoshop!”, “How did you put this two pictures together?”When I tell them it one shot they never believe me, but I’ll try to show how it was done.There are few key points to create this image. One of them is the perspective. When taking this shot I was on the street, which is about 2 feet below the level that the athlete was jumping. By doing that, it seams that he’s jumping a lot higher than he actually is. Another key point is the lighting. As we did this in the early morning, the sun was behind the athlete, so when I exposed for the background he got so dark that I couldn’t see any detail on his body or face. In order to get the background exposed the way I wanted and get him exposed the way I wanted the only option was to use lights. In this case I used 2 Alien Bees (B800). One with a beauty dish on the right side of the frame, as a main light on him, and the other on the left side of the frame, to light the grass and give a kick light on his back. After getting the right exposure for the athlete and background I just had to wait for the right jump, as Gleidson is a pro capoeira fighter, I didn’t have to wait long to get some incredible jumps.Just so you get a better idea of what it was like as far as perspective and exposure, this is the video I made of one of his jumps:I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for upcoming shoots!